In this section you will find all the relevant information you will need about the support Lee Laser offers all of its customers. You will find detailed information on our General Guidelines and also a complete list of PDF specifications about replacement parts that are available for our lasers. Please take your time and read through the information you require.

General Guidelines

Lee Laser maintains at all times a comprehensive stocking of all of the general consumable and replacement parts that are needed to support the operation of all of our currently manufactured lasers products. The most frequently replaced parts for the lamp-pumped Series 600 and Series 800 lasers are listed in the Consumable Parts Kits that have been defined for these lasers. A slightly more inclusive listing may be found in the General Maintenance Kits. All of these parts may be purchased.

Replacement Parts & Kits

Replacement Parts Kits contain a selection of spare and replacement parts that are consumed during normal operation of your laser. Their replacement should be included as part of your regularly scheduled routine maintenance program. Each kit is designed to support the operation of a laser for a period of up to 6 months, depending on laser usage.