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Laser technology has transformed the way the world thinks about manufacturing. For the fastest, finest, cleanest cuts, nothing beats the power of light.

Lee Laser is your global partner for Nd: YAG lasers. We manufacture cutting edge, industrial-grade laser products that are used in a wide range of production-line applications. Our goal is to develop brand new solutions for the years ahead.

Whether your application calls for diode, CO2, solid-state, or fiber lasers, Lee Laser is ready and able to meet your every need with reliable, quality products and timely, professional service.

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New SL Series Breaks Ground with AOM Technology

An Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) is a device that can modify the amplitude and direction of a light beam passing through it by using diffraction. Amazingly, it uses sound to create the optical grating which diffracts the light. This grating is generated in a transparent medium, which can be nearly anything – air, water, even…

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